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Digital Marketing Manager

Hired to take ownership of 10x Travel digital platforms as well as define and execute creative B2B marketing campaigns that create brand awareness, customer engagement, and drive revenue.

10X Travel

August 2019 – Present

  • Demonstrated resourcefulness and creativity prior to and throughout covid-19 by producing innovative, successful and measurable digital marketing campaigns to drive top and middle of funnel growth and qualified leads to sales. Includes product launch, webinar, and creation of online course content.
  • Created and delivered email marketing strategies that have resulted in incremental growth in customer engagement and proven to influence revenue.
  • Devised, executed and refined according to data the social media strategy for both organic and paid social across 3 social platforms and 8 accounts.
  • Management of the marketing team and external agencies, including budget, payment, project oversight, and review cycles. I also have a passion for mentoring.
  • Strong collaborator who recognises the power of integrating both sales & marketing teams.
  • Analytical mindset to continuously evolve and adapt marketing strategies according to data.
  • Ownership of WordPress website content and SEO to support a consistent and high-quality image of the company in the market. Includes landing page copywriting, blog article writing, and liaising with third party agencies.
  • Defined new processes and systems that improved marketing efficiency both from a speed and cost point of view. I am an advocate of playbooks and brought in Hubspot Sales & Marketing Hub.
  • Solid understanding of HTML, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Hubspot, WordPress, Kajabi, Webinarjam, Airtable, UTM tracking, Active Campaign, Adobe InDesign.
  • Solid understanding of project management software – Asana, Hubspot, Slack.
  • Organised with exceptional attention to detail and a decent eye for design.

The 10xpress Weekly Newsletter & Blog


The objective was twofold:

  • To add extra touchpoints to the journey of our marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs).
  • To produce regular content for the company blog that would improve SEO rankings and build our email list.


I wanted to create an email touchpoint in the customer journey that was value driven as opposed to sales focused.

Frequency and consistency was important, but it could not be time-intensive.

I produced a weekly newsletter series curated exclusively for travel companies and written personally by myself in order to introduce a different voice of the company.

The types of curated pieces included:

  • Reports, opinion, case studies and key findings that directly impact the tours and activities sector.
  • Educational articles to guide our audience through the changing world of online sales and marketing from industry leaders.
  • Tips and tools on how to improve their business and generate more sales.

The newsletter was then reformatted and expanded into a blog article, published the following week, and the content splintered across social media platforms.


  • Influenced on average $12,000 of revenue per month
  • 24.57% average email open rate (7.19% higher than the industry average according to a Mailchimp survey)
  • 4.02% average email click rate (1.98% higher than the industry average according to Mailchimp)
  • Produced a 15% uplift in email list subscribers
  • The blog article provided so much value that our audience rarely clicked off the blog to read the full article. Bounce rates typically 50% or below.

Click below look at some of the email newsletter examples:

[The 10xpress] How To Take Advantage of Travel Trends

Open Rate 33.55% – Click Rate 5.81%

[The 10xpress] Positive forecasts for 2020

Open Rate 27.03% – Click Rate 5.84%

Re-engagement of Sales Qualified Leads Campaign


To create an automated email sequence that continues to add value and encourage engagement with sales qualified leads who have been in the company’s pipeline for over 3 months. These SQLs had shown interest in a B2B partnership, but not converted to a sale yet due to external factors.


I produced a 20-part email sequence that was designed to run in parallel with the ‘main’ dialogue.

Emails were: personalised, repurposed evergreen content to provide added value, offered tactical insights and industry trends, featured customer case studies. No hard sell.


The sequence proved to continuously inspire and contextualise the main conversation the SQL was having with the Business Development Manager, which ultimately led to better long-term partnerships.

Other email sequences I have created:

  • Sales outreach including omni-channel approach utilising Hubspot workflows
  • Product launch
  • Online training program week-on-week progression sequence
  • Webinar attendee and missed follow ups
  • “Conveyor belt” sequence with upsell call-to-actions and case studies

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During covid-19, we launched a new “done-with-you” B2B product in the form of a 6-week online course with ‘follow along’ video content, live Q&A calls and a community of tour operator business owners.

This is how I approached the launch.

Pre-Launch Phase: 

  • Warmed up launch audience via social media, calls and email.
  • Delivered high value free resource to build email list.
  • Landing page creation – I created the content and design and instructed web designers.
  • Partnered with travel company who replicates our target customer.

Launch Phase:

  • Created email campaign and workflow sequence for sales team.
  • Implemented a referral scheme for existing customers to drive sales.
  • Secured speaker opportunity for CEO at industry virtual event.
  • Cross-promoted the launch product on travel trade association websites (ETOA, ATTA and Travel Massive).
  • Results during launch phase:
    • 200% revenue generated as compared to launch forecast.
    • Total revenue generated organically. No paid advertising used.

Post- Launch Phase

  • Planned and executed periodic free bonus modules specific to help travel industry professionals navigate covid-19 and driving to a strategy session. The objective was to create a soft entry into our sales cycle.
  • Created automated email sequences.
  • Created free training webinar via Webinarjam.
  • Compiled launch playbook.
  • Set up and managed the closed Facebook Group and content strategy.
  • Managed the Content Portal Community Hub.
  • Upsell products created and promoted via social media and email.

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Product Launch landing page


  • To reduce the cost per appointment from Facebook Ads.
  • 10x Travel were using KPIs to track the performance of Facebook Ads but failing to utilise the data to make necessary amends that would improve them and lead to better cpc and cpa.


  • I drilled down into the best performing ads and pulled apart each element, including copy, video and audience behaviour in order to identify trends.
  • Data was compiled into an Airtable report, cross-referencing with our leads database.
  • I established synergy between the sales and marketing teams – learning customer pain points to feed back into Facebook advertising campaigns.


  • Decreased cost per appointment from Facebook Ads by 86%.
  • A better understanding of our customers.
  • I could communicate a clear picture to stakeholders of what’s working and what’s not by using reports.