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Senior CRM Account Manager

Acteol (an Access Group company) is an enterprise CRM solution for the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors that helps operators track every guest interaction to create a powerful Single Customer View.


Dec 2020- Present

Senior CRM Consultant working with The Ivy (TROIA restaurants), Caprice, Stonegate, The Adventure Bar Group, Pure, Wasabi, Hawksmoor, Hall & Woodhouse. Responsibilities include:

  • Interpreting and reporting on high volume customer data to provide clients with insight and opportunities to leverage the data. Includes ePOS, wifi, guest feedback, website, reservations, gift card, e-commerce, loyalty apps, and social.
  • Strategy development – customer acquisition, re-engagement and retention strategies.
  • Devising segmentation strategies through competitions, surveys, data capture campaigns and more.
  • Creating bespoke and dynamic content plans for customers based on their activity and interest areas.
  • End-to-end campaign implementation & management – brief taking, scoping, creative process, development, testing, deployment, and post-campaign analysis.
  • Adopting an omni-channel approach to enhance all direct customer communication through email, push, SMS, in app messaging and loyalty in order to grow retention rate and ultimately increase LTV.
  • Working with clients to develop innovative customer loyalty programs that maximize profit margins.
  • Engaging stakeholders and build business cases to support recommendations.
  • Delivering training and updates to the global CRM software (Atreemo).
  • Feeding in recommendations to improve CRM software with client needs and pain points at forefront of mind.
  • Proactive in identifying new industry trends to improve customer journey.
  • Solid understanding of APIs and integrations.
  • Working collaboratively with integration partners and agencies.
Acteol brand list


Loyalty and Click & Collect Program


Pure food

In the first 6 months over £700k direct spend was attributed to customers who made a click and collect order on the app within 14 days of receiving a Pure email.was About Pure.

Pure offer healthy food-to-go from 20 stores across London and at Gatwick Airport. Serving breakfast, lunch and coffee made fresh on site daily.



  • Implement a click and collect ordering process using an app to streamline 360 customer journey.
  • Reward loyal customers and incentivise new customers.
  • Gain insights into purchase behaviour to improve customer retention and LTV.



  • Pure partnered with app provider, 5Loyalty, who specialise in loyalty programs that allow customers to receive offers, collect points and place orders on desktop and mobile via a Pure branded app. This involved leading the integration between 5L and Acteol using APIs so that we could:
    • Receive customer data in real time
    • Map transactions back to the customer profile.
    • Display vouchers generated by Atreemo (Acteol’s software) in the app and redeem vouchers at the basket.
  • Working in partnership with 5L, I mapped out and created automated campaigns at multiple customer touch points.
  • Using the Atreemo Loyalty module, I worked with Pure to provide a subscription-based membership loyalty progamme. It offers a points equals cash scheme as well as surprise and delight offers. Atreemo acts as the loyalty engine managing points allocation and issuing vouchers redeemed within the app.
  • Implemented a customer acquisition strategy using a refer a friend mechanism.
  • Created a post-visit automated journey requesting click and collect customers complete a feedback survey.



  • 46% of customers who are paying members made over 10 visits in the 12 months from launch. This includes periods of store closure due to covid.
  • 5L’s ability to take payment on the app enabled us to directly link a Pure customer in the Atreemo database to a transaction. As a result in the first 6 months over £700k direct spend was attributed to customers who made an order on the app within 14 days of receiving a Pure email.
  • Ability to identify favourite items on the menu and least purchased to influence product development and operations.
  • In-depth customer insights into frequency, basket (size and products), favourite day of the week and favourite time of day to allow hyper targeted marketing campaigns.
  • The automated post-visit feedback survey fed back to the operations team in real time so changes could be implemented swiftly.
Pure click and collect app
Pure refer a friend